Business Name:
Business Description:
The SEMINE.AI cognitive services offer technology partners and their developers to standardize the most labor-intensive financial object, using a semantic model for the classification of the invoice, and populate AI-models in order to enable automation. The automation includes cost distribution at both GL and dimension levels. This further enables our customers to fully automate their process of accounting even before the invoice document hits the financial system. Finally, it enables them to move away from retrospective reporting towards a model of real-time reporting. The service runs seamlessly in Azure where it is natively born. It addresses the architectural problems that block automation in traditional enterprise resource planning systems and replaces RPA with a redesigned approach.
The company is growing rapidly in the Nordics and Europe Customers are larger accounting firms and shared service centers
Based in:
automation, real-time reporting, architectural, accounting firms
Total Funding:
Between €10 million-€25 million
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