Internet users often feel unsatisfied when using a product search engine: they always have the feeling that the search engine isn’t understanding them the right way because of wrong search results or missing items in the result set discovered later by the user.

SEMFOX’s semantic product search can understand customer demands formulated in everyday language e.g. “flat cell phones for elderly” or “summer dress with white collar”. You can ask for products in the way you would talk to a salesman in your local store. The SEMFOX product search is more than just a search engine: it’s a all-knowing virtual salesman, due to the SEMFOX product ontology.

No other product search engine we tested could compete with SEMFOX, even the Google Shopping and Amazon search engines failed at some point. Our search engine is licensable as SaaS by online shops or price comparison websites, but it isn’t limited to that – our technology can be adapted to any other types of big data which should be made searchable with natural language queries.
Search Engine, Product Lookup, eCommerce
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