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Traveling can be very stressful and sometimes its beyond your control. When you buy a ticket and check-in you have no control over the place you will get to sit. If you go by murphy’s law, you will end up on the wrong seat(Kidding but serious). It is manageable sometimes but considering the different levels of problems it may throw, you would love to see what better you can have.

Seatnumber is that better. Seatnumber was created to help alleviate some of that stress of getting wrong, uncomfortable seats. How? Just exchange it with a person who is fine with yours.

People from all over the world post their seat occupancy on seatnumber. Some for money and some even free. Purchase it from fellow travellers and make your journey easy.

This place of comfort is actually the best things money can buy. This is why everyday, thousands of people exchange their seats for few bucks on seatnumber. It grows everyday.

Help somebody get his desired seat.
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TravelTech, Seats Exchange, Ticketing Platform
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