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Helping reduce the bulkiness of tasks around administration of schools through digitization.
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SchoolsFocus is a one-stop School Management Solution as a Service that helps schools adopt digitization the easy and affordable way so they can manage data, people and processes seamlessly, more effectively and conveniently; alongside gaining more publicity and digital exposure, and also bridging the communication and accessibility gap between parents and the schools.

SchoolsFocus provides fully customizable, swift-to-deploy, ready-to-use school website with all-in-one School Management Portal that schools can readily, easily and affordably deploy to get online and automate tasks and processes (without writing a line of code).

Think "Shopify for schools".

Using Software technology, we help reduce the bulkiness of tasks around administration of schools and simplify how students, teachers, parents and administrators relate, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, job convenience and improved communication.

In turn, improving overall administration of the schools and the quality of education therein due to streamlined workflow and processes, which frees up more time to allow better focus on academics.

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