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Business Description
Scaleout - Inventing the future of AI collaboration.

We're a team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, software engineers, and entrepreneurs with experience from both industry and academic research in AI and applied machine learning, cloud and fog computing, and scientific computing from Uppsala University.

We're working on a platform for end-to-end privacy-preserving machine learning with a focus on helping organizations put advanced machine learning and DevOps technologies into production.
Long Business Description

Scaleout was launched in 2017 as a spinoff from the Distributed Computing Applications (DCA) Research Group at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. Founded by Andreas Hellander, associate professor in computational science, assistant professor Salman Toor and associate professor Ola Spjuth, the original aim was to enable advanced scientific cloud computing and AI solutions in industrial applications and early customer cases focused on cloud-native applications and big data consultancy.

Daniel Zakrisson, Morgan Ekmefjord and Jens Frid, entrepreneurs with a background in blockchain technology, joined as co-founders in 2018 to focus on business and product development, and the convergence of AI and decentralized technologies.

As a research and innovation partner, we help you turn your visions into the intelligent applications of tomorrow. We are experienced cloud architects, DevOps engineers, and data scientists and with deep expertise in ML/AI, Cloud-native computing, Data science & engineering, and Scientific computing & HPC. We can help ensure that your project runs smoothly and that the developed solutions are designed in a sustainable way. Our experts can help you understand the requirements, the optimal use of available resources and build scalable, end-to-end cost-effective solutions.

Our specialist team of consultants, researchers, scientists, engineers, and developers can provide a complete solution to deliver end-to-end AI success. We have delivered valuable research and consultation services in the pharmaceutical industry, a leading paper and packaging manufacturer, a world leader in software for radiation therapy, a provider of manufacturing software solutions, one of the largest ferry and shipping operators in the world, the Swedish national space agency, and others.

Based in
Uppsala and Stockholm
machinelearning, ai, privacy
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