Saverna Therapeutics

Saverna Therapeutics
Business Name:
Saverna Therapeutics
Business Description:
Saverna Therapeutics AG is a Swiss pharmaceutical start-up company founded with the vision to develop small molecule drugs that target non-coding RNA for the treatment of diseases with high unmet need. Saverna Therapeutics was founded in November 2017 by four former lab heads at Novartis, Switzerland, who have come together to leverage their expertise in a specialized and validated drug discovery platform tailored for identifying RNA-targeting small molecule compounds. Non-coding RNAs, despite being reported to be dysregulated in over 1000 diseases, are notoriously difficult targets for drug discovery. As such, Saverna Therapeutics’ drug discovery activities have the potential to impact the development of a new field in drug discovery by utilizing their innovative and advanced platform for identifying small molecule drugs targeting non-coding RNA, a novel class or drug targets. Saverna focuses on the disease areas of inflammation, cancer and infection.
Based in:
microRNA, Lupus, NMR, machine learning, drug discovery
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