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Samelane can improve the process of learning, make it more rapidly, productive, provide vender cost-optimization, and what is more important - trackable.
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We created Samelane to address the need for business services that require hundreds of thousands of people serving individual customers around the world. Smooth adoption of new practices in a large organization like Comcast becomes a major challenge. Corporations and specifically needed to find a solution that will allow them to perform training for employees, partners and vendors by building courses easily, tracking and reporting different types of training with AI-powered reporting module and Avoid operation disruption due to employee turnover and the constant need to train newcomers.
Samelane can improve the process of learning, make it more rapidly, productive, provide vender cost-optimization, and what is more important - trackable.
The ultimate goal of Samelane is ensuring that all learners can locate their appropriate syllabus for their role and receive experience that honors their own unique learning style, if it’s by visual, audial or data content. At the same time, we make sure companies can justify the costs and time invested in this effort internally and externally.
With Samelane, you can expect;
• Vender cost optimization – Samelane checks employees’ knowledge and repeats specific training sessions if necessary, which helps to optimize the training time and cut the costs.
• onboarding & Learning Automation – that provides a cutting- edge way to map, automate, and optimize onboarding processes so that your new talent can get set up quickly and easily with Automation of learning processes, including scheduling, dedicated training invitations based on their role, and even follow-up support
• Analyze learning patterns – Samelane will generate a progress report of every user and proof of knowledge that will provide both you and your learners with invaluable feedback on how well they are grasping the subject material.
• Use a variety of learning materials so you will be able to bringing together learning materials from a wide range of sources
• Compliant to private information policies - In order to best position yourself to avoid or defend a claim that a vendor’s employees are also your employees, Samelane understands the co-employment challenge and take steps to ensure that the relationships are focused on the end result alone.
• And Access learning on the go - Easy accessibility via any device to capture opportunities for learning that can answer the logistical and operational issues created by Covid-19 WW.

We adapt Samelane to your enterprise needs, taking Comcast as an example; we created a platform which helps to optimize and easily scale up processes connected with onboarding, staff training, compliance, employee engagement, appraisal and more. With all this Comcast needed a solution to overcome the fact that Comcast’s structure consists of a few dozen business units with their own local NASes (Network Attached Storage) and weak Internet connection that creates an issue to synchronize courses (mainly videos, SCORMs and other large files), and be able to serve them from local NASes and make them accessible for 40.000 users and almost 100K were train using Samelane WW, our team developed a NAS Drive application that synchronizes contents from local NASes with data from AWS on a daily basis. By doing so we managed to ensure a smooth learning experience even for users from the areas with a weak Internet connection.

When we were creating Samelane, we also created all-in-one platform that gives the freedom to Create AR/VR applications to streamline your business and processes. Using this you will be able to Prepare your employees for their work by providing clear descriptive guidance in front of their eyes. With AR they can perform their tasks step by step with no prior training or mentors around needed.
We constantly working on new features for Samelane, our newest feature is Samelane Marketplace which offers Combined solution for managing the training process for employees in the office as well as industrial workplaces in cooperation with external industry experts worldwide.

Samelane brings benefits for various types of companies from various types of industries. Our solutions can be easily fit to the needs of your organization.

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