S-A-M Technologies

S-A-M Technologies
S-A-M Technologies
Separate humans from repetitive tasks and make work independent from time with SAM – our cost-effective autonomous agricultural robot for weed, pick, fertilize, transport and seed. SAM is the only versatile agricultural robot designed for high volume, easy to transport, cost-efficient, and collaborative.
Agricultural challenges:
shortage in workforce
soil compaction due to heavy machinery
CO2 emissions due to transport and heavy machinery
high consumption of water or fertilizer due to non-specific supply
Autonomous, CO2 neutral, NVH minimized operation for corn, grape, and fruit cultivation
watering & fertilize
SAM – the carrier:
The AI-controlled, autonomous, lightweight robot
IoT devises to monitor and control SAM
high volume production hardware for electric drive and sensors
repetitive tasks, agricultural robot, heavy machinery
No funding announced yet
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