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URL shortener and link retargeting platform. RocketLink helps to retarget any content you share by using links and customize links for better CTR.
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Reduce Costs and increase CTR

People who clicked specific links are an definitely better target than random users because they have already shown their interest in some niche. It means they will probably click more often. Getting their attention to your ads is cheaper and more efficient.

Use power of retargeting

Whatever you do online you’re probably sharing some links. While you do that, you are sending users away to external content. It’s time to get them back!

Everyone who clicks on your link can be converted into a perfectly targeted custom audience.

Create remarketing lists in multiple ad platforms based on people who clicked on your links. Reach target audience actually interested in your offer. Precise retargeting reduces CPC and increases CTR.

Retarget users from many places like forums, Facebook Groups or any other communities.

Add remarketing pixels and use powerful CTAs

Add your remarketing pixels, Call-to-Action popups or any custom scripts that will help you track and retarget your audience in multiple ad platforms like Facebook, Google Ads and Twitter. You can also add your custom scripts or conversion events via Google Tag Manager to any link you shorten.

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