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Do you know the story of Robin Hood? Robin was an outlaw, a little people’s hero, who stood up to the injustice by robbing the rich and giving to the poor. He gathered a group of like-minded people who helped him on his mission. Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor and Robin Food working hand in hand with corporations and gives to the people. We collect food close to its expiration date and other products not wanted by the stores.
Robin Food is determined to break the cycle of modern consumerism. We constantly buy too much and then we throw it all away while every day more and more people struggle to feed their families. But our long-term plans are even more ambitious: we want to change people’s perception of food. We want to convince them that even if close to its expiration date, food is not spoiled or useless. That even misshaped and bruised fruits and vegetables have excellent taste and an abundance of nutrients. We want to prove that there are always people who will gladly take such products and, with little imagination, turn them into a culinary masterpiece, or redistributing the surplus food stock inside the Robin Food ecosystem, using the technology to facilitate the sale and donation of surplus food – efficiently, safely and transparently.

We are reducing operational costs of businesses, reducing environmental impacts associated with food waste and improving human well-being Leveraging the use of smart IT solutions to solve sustainability challenges.

When you are buying groceries and decide to visit Robin Food store, you will see that it offers varied and quality products. Its doors are open not only to those struggling to feed their family but to everyone who is environmentally conscious enough to realize that such a product is still safe, useful and delicious. Join Robin Food in our efforts. Become a hero by saving food. The power is in your hands. No matter how big or small, your decisions help change the world. Let it be for the better. Welcome to Robin’s world.
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