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Business Description
Ricotta is an OKR Software for Slack which helps remote teams collaborate effectively by setting and managing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and to-dos.
Long Business Description

Align and engage your team using Ricotta OKRs on Slack. Start using the OKRs goal-setting framework in your organization to set ambitious goals and measurable key results.

Benefits of using Ricotta OKRs

1. Brings focus and prioritizes what matters for your company
2. Promotes transparency and alignment among teams
3. Increases employee engagement - as everyone knows how they are contributing to company growth
4. Enables easy collaboration

Everything can be done on Slack. Don’t ask your team to use yet another tool for OKRs.

Key Features

1. One-click installation of the app
2. Easy on-boarding of your entire team
3. Define Objectives and Key Results within Slack
4. Update Progress, edit or archive OKRs
5. Weekly automated reminders about OKRs and to update progress
Implement Ricotta OKRs and watch your company grow!

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OKR, Goal setting, Productivity, Project Management, HR and Team Culture
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No funding announced yet
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