RHYTHM AI is founded on world-leading research from Barts Heart Centre, London, UK, and focused on the $5bn Atrial Fibrillation (AF) market and is forecasted to be $18bn by 2026 (16% CAGR). The lead product is the STAR Mapping System™ which proof of concept studies demonstrate improvements in the outcome of Ablation procedures for patients with persistent AF. Rhythm AI holds an exclusive global license to develop and commercialize STAR Mapping™. Rhythm AI Ltd is developing a new way of locating the areas within the heart responsible for the most common heart rhythm disorder: atrial fibrillation (AF). Its proprietary STAR Mapping™ software helps guide doctors during ablation procedures and will enable them to make sense of the vast quantities of data gathered. Following highly promising results from proof-of-concept testing, Rhythm AI will be performing a full trial of STAR Mapping™ in a multicentre clinical trial.
Mapping system, AI, location
Between €1-€100K

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