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Antimicrobial and antifungal textile could significantly reduce the risk of deadly hospital-acquired
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Healthcare-associated infections are complications of healthcare that result in elevated patient morbidity and mortality.
The WHO report explores the burden of HAIs in the high-income countries, the prevalence of HAIs in Europe is around 7.1% with more than 4 million patients affected by approximately 4.5 million episodes of HAIs annually and leading to 16 million extra-days of hospital stay, 37,000 attributable deaths and contributing to an additional 110,000.

Linen, uniforms, drapes RespectLife intrinsically bacteriostatic and antifungal PP textile could significantly reduce the risk of deadly hospital-acquired infections.

Health: PP is compatible with living tissue; in surgical is it used inside the human body for aortic stents and hernia repair.

Sustainable: The production of PP is the economic and ecological of all the fiber production processes minimize CO2 emissions, no water, no soil, no chemicals additives and longer lifecycle. Soap and cold water for washing. Less energy to dry. 100% Recyclable.

Ethical: Increase workers safety standards. Reduce chemicals and infectious agents’ hazards, back injuries, pulmonary diseases and fire in weaving industries.

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