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Resistomap is providing a complete laboratory and analysis service to help researchers, academics and health care professionals in preventing the outbreak of multidrug-resistant bacteria with comprehensive monitoring of antibiotic resistance genes using state of the art technology. Resistomap founders are postdoctoral research with nine years of research experience in bacterial genetics and antibiotic resistance in the environment and a master degree of computer science with eight years of experience as a software developer in startup companies. Resistomap targets three global market sectors in which antibiotic resistance monitoring is required: (1) environmental pollution in water and soil, $30 billion; (2) health care diagnostic, $23 billion; and (3) food safety testing, $13 billion. We pilot with six paying customers who are researchers from universities and research institutes in Finland, Sweden, UK and Japan monitoring antibiotic resistance pollution in the river, wastewater, soil and animal stools. In starting the company, Resistomap raised an initial 100K € in cash and an additional 750K € value of related business tools with Nordic Laboratories partnerships. Resistomap is opening a new market and competing with the status quo in the universities’ laboratory, we deliver fast and reliable results and provide complete and long term services, especially for customers in industry sectors.
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