RESET • Renewable Energy Solutions Environmental Technology

RESET • Renewable Energy Solutions Environmental Technology
Business Name:
RESET • Renewable Energy Solutions Environmental Technology
Business Description:
We have developed our business model on 3 simple key points:
1. Production and sale of our CHP (Combined Heat and Power) machines, in 50 or 100 kWe power configuration > immediate revenue;
2. O&M activities in order to keep plants running > revenues from the whole life cycle (20 years at least);
3. EPC: a network of CHPs that we can build, install and run directly, in order to sell heat and energy > constant predictable revenues for years to come.

An internationalization process is on the go, starting from a Brazilian subsidiary.
Long Business Description:

RESET is a clean-tech start up in the renewables field. We have developed our own idea of how cogeneration from biomass gasification should be done: no big plants, but compact, scalable and automated machines to be installed where electricity and heat are needed; no waste or emission, no severe restrictions on feedstock, a user friendly easy-to-maintain device, running on local available biomass.
One year ago we delivered our first machine to our first customer, a woodwork company; in the meanwhile, we got 4 more orders. We have discovered more demand than we expected when we started back in June 2015; this led us to imagine how it would be if we could satisfy the whole demand, which is where we are now. Let’s start with these considerations:
1. biomass, such as woodchips, is abundant, cheap and available almost everywhere in the World;
2. the energy demand is certain to grow in the future; the need for more clean energy comes along;
3. fossil fuels are doomed to an end sooner or later, and besides this, we really have to slow down and eventually stop Green House Gases emissions;
4. companies want to maximize profits: why not do that by saving on bills, or selling green energy?
Conclusion: we can fix these issues by providing our technology, to help our customers accomplish their financial goals and, at the same time, do something good for the environment and society.

Based in:
Rome – ITALY
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