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Share leisure properties like weekend houses, mountain huts, holiday apartments from private to private on a seasonal basis.
Long Business Description

reposée is the world´s first service, focussing on sharing of weekend houses on a long term basis.

About 51% of all leisure properties are scarcely used. The idea is to not offer another holiday destination booking platform, but to offer a service, where one can find & share a weekend house within a max. radius of 300km around the own home in order to be able to visit it on weekends or also during the week on a regular basis. Rental periods are from a minimum of 2 months, up to 12 months. For each month, up to 2 shares can be rented out (2 tenants, or landlord and 1 tenant).

Tenants stay flexible and don´t have to make huge initial investments for the ownership of a property. Owners earn money but still can use their leisure property at the same time. Less unused property in local communities, more local business.

A win/win-situation for everyone!

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