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Replave is the first Social Network that allows you to get feedback and advice on each daily choice you are going to make.
I.E. You are in a changing room trying on some dress and you share some selfie with your friends group on Replave. The App will immediately notify your friends’ preferences and the most voted one, just like they were here with you!
There are unlimited daily circumstances to use this App: what gift should you choose for a mutual friend, what movie you’d like to see at the cinema, which exhibition is worth to be visited or what’s next holiday location.
Replave is the first App for socializing choices.
How does it work?
It is a Social Network accessible by Mobile App.
Every user can access it through username and password, or through Facebook login.
The App allows you to involve –publicly or privately- your contacts, by asking an opinion, advice or vote on the choice you are about to make.
Replave is easy, funny, useful, fast. Basically you type a question, you take 2 or 3 pictures, you decide the deadline for votes submission and you choose the recipients among your friends getting immediately a
recap with the most popular option.
Based in:
social, feedback, choices
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