Business Name:
Business Description:
Your natural choices when eating out
We are Czech based startup that makes sustainable cutleries for the best eating out experience. We developed a unique natural material based on the wood waste that is bound by naturally occurring polymer PHA. Thanks to that the material is biodegradable in home compost but also in a natural condition such as soil, fresh or marine water. Our material is blended in MTI our patented blending method which allows us to add up to 60% wood waste to our material. The material can be processed with injection and extrusion molding which are highly efficient and scalable production methods. Our first product is sustainable cutlery because there are no good alternatives to disposable plastic and wood cutleries. From material development, product design to manufacturing all done locally in Czechia.
Based in:
Sustainable materials, wood-based cutlery, injection molding
Total Funding:
Between €5 million-€10 million
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