Reetro in an online retrospective tool for distributed agile teams. It makes it easier to run retrospectives by providing tools and insights to the scrum masters to better manage their teams.

In general, teams are able to increase their sprint productivity by 25% just by running better retrospectives.

Reetro is also working on to utilize machine learning algorithms to learn the team’s behavior and provide in-depth analytics to the scrum masters

Reetro is an online agile retrospective tool, we help software development teams to run better retrospectives and improve their performance overtime by utilizing AI and powerful collaboration tools.

Reetro is the most popular retrospective tool in the world built by a small, cross-functional team of passionate software developers, product managers and digital marketers working from two locations Copenhagen, Denmark and Helsinki, Finland.

Retrospectives, Project Management, Agile, SaaS
Between €1-€100K
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