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Business Description
Recipe Guru uses Machine Learning to digitize, parse and syndicate cookbooks for leading Global publishers. We provide publishers & their valued chefs with long tail monetisation of back catalogue, 360 Degree digital footprint, access to new audiences & existing audiences. We syndicate this chef authored content to Grocery Retailers, FMCG/Food brands, Smart Kitchen Appliance Manufacturers and e-commerce enabled Recipe Apps. They use our content to deliver inspiring, tried and trusted recipes to their consumers, fostering loyalty, increasing basket check-out value, accessing new audiences by leveraging the fan bases of their selected chefs. Our 'RecipeGenie Insights' location-based data analytics platform (due for release in Q4 2019) will deliver unparalleled insights into real-time global consumer browsing habits, emerging food and ingredient trends.
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We are a recipe content and consumer data insights solution. We take paper books from global Publishers and turn them into revenue generating, bite-sized digital content. We are currently trading in the US and UK. We have two distinct types of customers; Publishers and Retailers. Recipe Guru was founded to provide both with high value solutions.
We are the trusted partner of 3 of the ‘Big 5’ leading global publishers as well as individual chefs, influencers & restaurateurs to digitise, parse and syndicate their cookbooks & recipe catalogues. We acquire and license their content at pre-agreed rates and add our margin. Our legal Rights Agreements average 3 years with our publishing partners and customers. We supply premium, curated and optimised recipe content to our Retail customers in the Smart Kitchen, Grocery Retail, CPG/FMCG and Lifestyle sectors.

Our pioneering approach to building trusted, strategic relationships with cookbook publishers and chefs, along with our technology channel partnerships, gives us the unique position, defensibility and competitive advantage to meet both demand and supply sides growing needs and deliver investor returns.
Our ‘Go to Market’ parsing engine, imports and ‘unbundles’ e-pub cookbook files into individual recipes, complete with metadata, converting them into infinitely monetisable content.
Our unparalleled catalog of recipes, complete with metadata, from leading global publishers, renowned US, UK and Pan-European celebrity chefs is complimented by our raft of influencers, nutritionists and restaurateurs with superb social following. This premium content facilitates the exponential growth in e-commerce and content marketing.

We solve the problem of sourcing optimised, tried & trusted celebrity chef, influencer, nutritionist, regional chef & white label recipes for Smart Appliance Manufacturers, Grocery Retailers, CPG/Food brands, Lifestyle Platforms & Recipe Apps, at a fraction (<30%) of the current costs. Our early adopters are in the fast-growing smart kitchen sector (CAGR 28.9% worldwide).

As online grocery spending is expected to reach 20% of all sales by 2025, $100 billion coming from US alone, grocers must find profitable ways to enhance online consumer-centric experience, identify market development opportunities and understand consumer behaviours
We supply recipe content to our Retail customers for their:
o Websites & Apps
o Online shopping/e-commerce integration
o Voice processing skills
o Time-lapse Videos

Our intelligence platform will track millions of data points in real time. We will use Machine Learning to separate out food related words/ ingredients, analyse sentiment and track number of mentions per day, on a geo-located basis. Around this we will develop our proprietary RecipeGenie scoring system. In the following 6 months we will add API’s to enable our customers use demand side dynamics to inform business decisions. Our product will be provided on a SaaS model.

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