Reach – Your Second Brain

Reach – Your Second Brain
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Reach – Your Second Brain
Business Description:
Store all your digital knowledge, from documents to websites, all in one network – instantly reachable, like a personal Google for your content.
Long Business Description:

Reach takes a stance against hierarchical folder-based storage that somehow made its way from our paper dominated ages to today’s paperless workflows. We save more and more information sources like reports, articles, portfolios, documents and media on a daily basis, at home and on mobile, cluttering our desktops, downloads folders, bookmarks, and browser tabs. We then lose overview and ‘forget’ this information. It’s like we need a second brain just for all the stuff we accumulate on our computers. Solutions to manage the increasing inflow of information have indeed not advanced from the traditional cumbering organisation to smarter, technically enhanced alternatives — until now.

We built Reach, which is a bit like a personal Google for your own stuff, but with better search and facilitated rediscovery of the things you’ve got saved. Just like one’s memory, it associates everything with its context; what it’s about, who created it, when it was saved, which information it relates to, where it is from, how important it is, etc. As such, Reach learns about the items it stores and their connection to each other in a rich, yet light, meta description. What makes all of this possible are powerful graph databases that we built Reach on.

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Database, web-clipper, cloud, app, storage
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No funding announced yet

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