The leading software to design utility-scale solar plants. A faster, more automated, accurate and reliable method.

RatedPower offers pvDesign, the leading cloud-based software to design & engineer utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants in seconds. We provide a comprehensive software package that instantly optimizes the plant design and automatically generates all the engineering documentation in 5 languages.

Through a streamlined process, allowing to improve the profitability of its clients’​ assets, pvDesign has a track record of 1000+ GW optimized in 90+ countries, making it possible to lower the costs of implementing solar PV plants worldwide and making the technology more accessible to people with less technical knowledge of it.

Our clients are solar developers, IPP, utilities, contractors, equipment manufacturers, engineering companies or investors, who can easily develop, compare and manage their projects, avoiding the need for outsourcing. Get a free demo: http://bit.ly/pvdesign-freedemo.

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