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Raffall enables users to host their own competitions and is the first and only platform of its kind to be approved by Facebook, Apple and Google.
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Targeting a highly regulated space that's open to mistrust and fraud, we're the first in the world to develop a platform that solves a global problem surrounding the 'competition' space and the way in which people try to abuse and manipulate people’s trust when offering competitions online.

Raffall provides 100% security for both the hosts and entrants of competitions.

a) Entrants are safe because hosts using our platform have no control over the winner selection and cannot access the revenue generated from ticket sales. We hold all funds in our own account and no money will ever be transferred to a host until the winner has confirmed receipt of the prize.

b) This also means that hosts don’t have to worry about collecting money, dealing with multiple currencies, refunds or issues relating to transactions. They know that we have all the funds in our account ready to be transferred upon completion of the competition.

Each competition on our platform comes with a 'Raffall Guarantee'. This means that if the host fails to provide the prize, the winner will receive compensation amounting to 75% of all ticket sales and all compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by us. Not only does this generate trust, it also provides a sufficient guarantee for the entrants who know that the revenue generated from ticket sales is enough to cover the guarantee.

The competition space is highly regulated and falls under the remit of the Gambling Commission who are already satisfied that we are operating within the law and in accordance with the guidelines set out by them.

Facebook, Apple and Google also have their own rules and regulations regarding apps that operate within this space and getting approval for a platform that meets each of their requirements is also extremely difficult and yet we have been approved by all of them!

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