Business Description
QUASA implements a full cycle of freight traffic in the functionality of one application, using blockchain and smart contracts technology to eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and court costs. QUASA infrastructure: a set of decentralized applications and services, as well as digital tools for building a business on the QUASA platform, where trust is ensured through blockchain technologies, smart contracts and economic incentives for all participants.
Long Business Description

QUASA (www.quasa.io) is a new ICO that proposes solutions to global cargo shipping via blockchain technology. QUASA replaces all traditional forms of logistics platforms, making logistics system more transparent, clear, cost effective and fast.
QUASA provides a platform-marketplace for the dissemination of digital templates of contracts and agreements that have real legal value and validity in the blockchain environment.
Each module for a certain type of transportation passes a single development cycle, consisting of a number of stages:

- Standardization of the order process
- Standardization of the service delivery process
- Standardization of the transaction process
QUASA issues its own currency, the QUASA token (QUA), which will be required to interact with the QUASA platform to pay for services.
Token worth: 1 ETH = 3,000 QUA
QUASA offers a standardized API for building private ratings.
The basic economy of QUASA meets two main criteria:

- minimum volatility
- competitive cost of services

To ensure minimum volatility, tariffs are introduced for transactions and services of the QUASA blockchain-environment using the XDR (SDR) index. The IMF daily publishes the ratio of the XDR index (SDR) to the world's 20 major currencies.
To use all modules and full functionality in QUASA, each connected company will need to use a set of services provided by the platform.
Payment methods are variable; the commission for services can be collected in percentage, be fixed, and can consist of any combination. There may be a zero commission, or there may be a commission payment at the expense of the seller, as in modern credit cards. In addition, ‘reverse commissions’ are possible - material encouragement of users for transactions.
QUASA is now a partner of BestRate that means all currency is acceptable during the ICO.
We have different ways to influence the growth in the value of QUA: each connected company is an information guide, every successful one is an even larger, louder information guide. Every time a company starts taking QUA, this is good news. We have a lot of such companies, and there will be many positive news, we will be constantly on hearing and will be able to influence the course.
The value of our currency will be provided by the real services provided by the QUASA platform, which will change the idea of cargo transportation.

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