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Business Description
Innovation technology startup.

We provide both market ready products & services, as well as OEM/ODM technology partner services.

The solution IS our product.

Biometrics, IoT, IT, Blockchain, (Edge) Ai, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Electronics, dAPPs, AR, VR, DSP, DLT, Hardware, Software, Firmware, and OEM/ODM.
Long Business Description

We are innovation-obsessed people at the crossroads of AR/VR, Robotics, edge Ai, DLTs and I(o)T.

We live and breathe in-house, everything from software to firmware to hardware and industrial design.

A rare breed of a 100% independent and self-funded by design startup.

More than a technology company we are first and foremost a solutions company. We solve problems.

The solution is our product.

Based in sunny Portugal, there is no problem, simple or complex that you cannot throw at us and not get back a prompt solution, more often than not an innovative one at that. Still, we prefer them problems complex. They are more fun. But that's just us.

In just 3 years since our foundation, we went from 2 in a small apartment room into a full blown 20+ full-time science, engineering and PhDs team plus administration staff, with a pipeline spanning more than 15 products and services, plus major national and multinational clients and partners.

All that while being a bootstrapped company from day one and keeping it that way with zero external investors.

We are a GDPR aware company, and as such, all our solutions are from the ground up, privacy-by-design products & services.

Based in
iot, ai, blockchain
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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