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Business Description
We're building global first mobile blockchain challenger bank for the unbanked, underbanked, Millennials, SME and Crypto
Long Business Description

Quantocoin has developed a next-generation model for the future of financial services and digital banking. This model uses Blockchain technology along with smartphones, as well as a new bio-identification system. Its primary goal is to integrate and connect crypto into the traditional financial world and to create a single gateway through QTC platform for users, traders, investors and financial institutions with a whole range of add-on services.

Due to regulatory requirements we had to split the "Bank of the Future Project" into 2 separate projects, first the digital www.quantopay.com and move the blockchain crypto application after the digital part goes live in Q1 2021.

What is a current problem is the adoption of cryptocurrencies into normal life, as it almost impossible to pay with any cryptocurrency for good, or do transfers etc. Also, the transaction processing for cryptocurrency against fiat is practically non-existent.

QTC Blockchain Bank Functionality

· Wallet – Exchange, Transfers, remittances cryptocurrencies P2P, B2B
· Lending and microfinancing through unique QTC lending algorithms
· Direct payment through high secure inner chat messages (Social Payments)
· Actively managed crypto assets portfolio
· Geofencing and proximity functions
· Community building

QTC mobile App for the contactless and cashless transaction

NFC, QR codes and Beacon in one application (hybrid app). Quantocoin with its QTC mobile app turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated Banking platform

QTC Lending Protocol is the next step of the successful development of revolutionary QTC platform that provides the immediate cash backed with cryptocurrency pool. Contributors can now use the QTC mobile app to hold/store their crypto assets without the need to sell them.

Learn more: [email protected]
Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/QTCcoin

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crypto, blockchain, challengerbank, digitalbanking
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