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QReca! is a tool for building mobile web applications. It provides a user friendly interface and the main characteristic is that it hides all technical details. Thus, it is appropriate for users with no IT skills. The basic feature of the platform is the presentation of information, that is combined with extra functionality. One can think of QReca! as an empty canvas, where a user can place various micro components (items) we provide, without having any IT knowledge. Those micro components are the extra functionalities the user wishes to add to his/her web application. The desired web app eventually is produced, by assembling those independent items into an integrated collection.

The application can be triggered via a QR Code, a NFC tag, GPS signal etc. Moreover, the user may change the information and the functionalities that are associated with an app without the need of reestablishing the access channel (e.g. reprinting the QR Code).
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Ioannina, Greece
Mobile Apps, Web Application Builder, Data Visualisation
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