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Qinaps is a networked note-taking application for delivering flexible documents
Long Business Description

A Qinaps user can:-
• Create a workspace where they can manage workbooks.
• Within a workbook, information is stored in components or nodes.
• As you keep adding more components, a spatial representation of your information begins to emerge resembling a map of all your information similar to a Table of Content.
• This 'Map' can be broken down further into several viewpoints to create smaller clusters of components to focus on.
• The information within your workbook has several representations: Map, Table, Document.

🤩 Now for the fun stuff for teams and individuals:-
• Create and store pieces of information, videos, links, and images, code snippets
• Share information with teams, or with the world with sharable links!
• Deliver multiple documents by cherry-picking components from your Map.
• One may think of it as a knowledgebase where notes, articles, data sources, team discussions, reference links are stored and categorized. • As the user progresses while ideating and working, information can be re-arranged freely to deliver professional documents. They can be kept current, regardless of how information is re-arranged, customized, enriched, and versioned.

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Note-taking, documentation, team-wiki, knowledgebase management
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No funding announced yet
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