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Business Description
PYT Audio is a company specialized in decorative and discreet acoustic treatment.

Our products allow to reduce the echo of a room.
Long Business Description

We offer products for individuals and professionals. The objective of our products is twofold:
1- Improve the tranquillity of a room
2- Improve the musical qualities of a piece

Noise is a major problem in our society today. Numerous studies have shown its harmful effects. Thus, more than one employee out of two is negatively affected by noise at work. This causes stress, illness, hearing loss and loss of productivity.

Sound quality is also important for music and hi-fi. Our products can therefore improve the fidelity of the sound reproduction of music.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition because :
1- We have designed totally ecological products
2- We use materials that are not dangerous for the health of the users (no glass wool or rock wool)
3- We use a unique technology that allows us to reduce the thickness by 10 times while obtaining the same performance: our products are not intrusive in a room.
4- Our products are easy to install and respectful of the walls: they can be moved around.
5- Our products are recommended by the specialized press

Based in
Nantes (France)
Audio, Hi-fi, Decoration, Noise
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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