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Puut A/S (pronounced Poot) is a Danish based enabling FinTech company that offers mobile wallet services, social finance enablement and content sharing as a service to end-users, service providers and merchants alike. Puut A/S is seeking to bring the experience of a traditional cloud network to mobile devices, a global mobile experience to mobile phone users and an operator and bank agnostic approach to mobile wallet services.

The company's flagship Puut Wallet is a leather wallet replacement application that is primary aiming at helping consumers get rid of their cumbersome big fat leather wallet by mobilising its content in a way that is seamless, secure and social; while also providing a gateway for service providers, banks, merchants and governments to provision it. A credit card can be issued by any bank and delivered instantly to a stranded tourist anywhere. Wallet content can be regenerated in case of lost, removing the need of re-issuing.

Puut Wallet has the capability to contain everything that is today hosted in the leather wallet, this goes from ID card, driving license, biometric passports to loyalty card, vouchers, receipts, credit cards, tickets and boarding passes. Moreover content from other apps can be pushed or pulled into Puut Wallet. Additional social features allow users to create city-based shopping groups that can collectively purchase items from a local store at greater discount, which also makes Puut Wallet a good place to start a crowdfunding campaign.

Based in
Copenhagen, Denmark
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