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” ProovStation, a start-up that is moving the lines in a business undergoing profound change, and will allow us to provide our customers with innovative solutions that are always more efficient.”
Improve productivity by automating the inspection process with ProovStation. They develop reliable hardware, support it with advanced AI software solutions, and secure data with Blockchain.

ProovStation is an automated drive-through bay that detects and analyses vehicle damages. The system generates a 360-degree photo scan of the car in less than 3seconds and increases the accuracy of damage recognition while reducing inspection costs up to 50% and greatly improving trust during the liability shift.
It also offers extra services from a user-friendly dashboard (phone, tablet, desktop) including repair estimate, inspection comparison log, used car pricing, integration and KPI tracking, insurance report, and other fully customized views for efficient fleet management.
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innovative solutions, automated drive-through, vehicle, damages
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No funding announced yet
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