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Predictry provides a machine learning technology envisaging user preferences, sentiments & behavior. Founded in 2013, it offers a world-class online Recommendation as a Service (RaaS), customised solutions for predictive analytics, big data mining services, business intelligence and also bespoke consulting in whatever industry you are in.
Predictry’s main advantage lies in its ability to customise SaaS recommendations for any types of e-commerce or web listing business, be it from fashion, music, financial products to home listing. Think of it as an Amazon-like product recommender that could be customised to whatever you are selling or listing online.
It builds on a combination of multiple analytics tools such as content and collaborative filtering created and refined by eminently respectable and experienced professionals. With it’s propriatary A/B algorithm testing method and the ability to go right down to the mathematical formulas of the algorithm, the team at Predictry ensures that this highly scalable recommendations is always fine-tuned to each specific customer, with the goal of improving conversation rate and/or sales to your business.
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Recommendations as a Service, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics
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