Business Description
PRAMOMOLECULAR is developing drug candidates to silence proteins that cause serious diseases. With our highly innovative drug candidates ("self delivering siRNAs) we can silence disease-causing proteins in the lungs, heart or pancreas. On this basis, we are developing drug candidates for the treatment of the particularly aggressive forms of lung and pancreatic cancer.
Long Business Description

PRAMOMOLECULAR is founded by a team of six experienced scientists in the field of gene silencing by RNAi as well as siRNA delivery. Three of our team members also have extensive start-up and corporate experience, including building siRNA start-ups, drug-compliant siRNA synthesis or financing and business development of high-tech growth companies. In addition, we are advised by best-of-class experts in the areas of pharmacological and pharmaceutical development, quality management, study design, IP and contract drafting.

Based on our in vivo proof of principle, we are currently preparing company formation and seven-figure seed funding (venture capital and grants) to rapidly deliver an in vivo proof of concept (PoC) in lung cancer. In early 2022, we are aiming for follow-on funding and intensive discussions with pharmaceutical companies to achieve first-in-human in 2024.

So far, siRNAs can silence mRNAs mainly in local applications (eye, skin) or in the liver. PRAMO's expertise lies in also being able to introduce siRNAs into cells of the lung and pancreas and to silence mRNAs there. "pramo" means "ferry" in Esperanto.

In addition, we have profound knowledge in the design, modification and (GMP-compliant) synthesis of siRNAs. With the rational design of our particularly simply constructed self-releasing and synthesisable siRNAs, we can rapidly design, stabilyze and synthesize new promising drug candidates and develop them preclinically and in early clinical phases when our PoC is successful.

Initially, we are focusing on the RAS oncogene family, which is involved in 50% of all cancers. Since many of these cancers are not yet treatable by targeted therapies, we expect to quickly build a very valuable drug pipeline.

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life sciences, drug development, onkology, gene silencing
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