Praesens Care

Praesens Care
Business Name:
Praesens Care
Business Description:
Praesens Care develops and operationalizes truck-based, autonomous and connected Mobile CarePods, creating a high-complexity laboratory testing environment combined with rugged transport for remote and inhospitable conditions. We believe that innovative technologies and a preparedness ecosystem play an important role to build healthcare systems capacity in-country. Driven by the mission to provide the best healthcare services, anywhere, anytime to anyone in the world, Praesens Care offers Lab As A Service through a fleet of mobile biosafety laboratories in a regional hub approach to countries and partners in need to reinforce their healthcare delivery system, with integrated routine diagnostic services (multi-disease testing and real-time reporting). These mobile platforms provide medical (e.g. diagnostics, therapies, vaccination) and non-medical services (health promotion, education) at the peripheral level of the health system, as close as possible to the communities.
Based in:
public health, healthtech
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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