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Business Description
Established in 2016, Postis is the first Romanian LogTech startup to disrupt traditional ways of doing things in logistics, transportation and retail sectors through the use of IT technologies - open digital platforms, machine-learning algorithms, data analytics and process automation.
Launched commercially in 2017, the Postis Platform connects at systems level retailers, eCommerce actors and 3rd party logistics suppliers with all significant distribution and delivery companies from Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. Through its technologies, Postis helps companies to optimize their supply-chains and achieve productivity growth, streamlined operations, cost optimizations, business model transformation, up-scaling, or fast territorial expansion. Postis Platform is currently used by more than 100 local companies and international enterprises, among which Auchan, Carturesti, Cora Hypermarche, Flanco, Ikea, Intersport, KLG, Noriel, Secom, Schmitz-Cargobull, Vivre.
Long Business Description

Postis is the first startup in Romania to create a digital solution to streamline the entire supply-chain processes for greater efficiency, full predictability and total transparency.
Starting 2016, the company built a platform that bridges ERP, WMS and TMS systems, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, to seamlessly orchestrate data traffic up and downstream the supply-chain in order to optimize the transport planning and automate the allocation of best delivery option.
Based on data aggregated from all parties involved in the supply-chain, Postis Platform offers unique features that no siloed system can deliver by itself:
› Carriers integration with automated best delivery option selection
› Seamless integration for any type of carrier (couriers, transporters, own fleet), local or international
› Supplier agnostic, real-time advanced delivery management
› Real-time carriers’ performance analytics
› Integrated track & trace and delivery management
› Predictive, smart replenishment
› Centralized last-mile distribution management
› Returns (cash, refusals, returns, package recycling) management
› Customer feedback & rating
› Integrated analytics and dynamic optimization scenarios
› Streamlined user experience, regardless the supplier

Around our platform, we developed an open ecosystem of retailers, logistics integrators, e-fulfillers, warehouse operators, transporters, couriers and technology providers, all integrated to accelerate the supply-chain digital transformation and generate industry best practices that make the shipment of goods from warehouses to homes simpler, faster, easier, less expensive, more eco-friendly for everybody. This way, Postis is a promoter of digital transformation of the entire supply-chain and helps the entire market grow.

Fueled by large data sets, data science and automation algorithms, Postis Platform generates fast results with long term impact:
› Zero Euro entry cost - no capex, no consultancy fee, no integration cost, no scouting for logistics suppliers
› Zero-day activation - turnkey access to 50+ delivery options in covered territory, up to 14 days for courier implementations in new geographies
› -10% minimal reduction in delivery budget, up to -25% depending on supply-chain complexity and product catalogue, starting the first month after implementation
› -20% average reduction in refusals on delivery
› -25% reduction of deliveries outside the promised deadline, in some territories
› -25% average reduction of call center calls for delivery details or complaints, starting the second month after implementation
› +5-15% growth in operational efficiency along the entire logistics chain (less errors, no re-work, no manual data processing)
› +25% growth in customer satisfaction, only from the best transport option allocation and improved related processes

Based on its success in Romania, Postis is currently accelerating its international expansion and is preparing a new Series A funding round.

Based in
LogTech, Courier Aggregation, Delivery Management, Supply-Chain Optimization, Process Automation, Machine Learning
Total Funding
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million
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