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All the city’s street posters in your device!
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Postercity is not a calendar of events, it’s much more than that.

Berlin, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul... each city has its own particular cultural life, an indication of it are the posters that pepper the streets with information about what’s going on. Never again will you miss that interesting concert or great art show just because you had no time to read about it or your daily life did not take you through that one street.

With this app you won’t miss a single event in your city or in any other city that you may visit. Postercity lets you browse all the posters in a city. Each poster includes complete information for the event allowing you to bookmark it, purchase tickets for it, set an alarm, get directions, share it, watch related videos, or listen to music from the artist. And if you like the poster for the event, you can save it in your device and add it to your collection.

Postercity is creating a library of street posters so they’re not lost in time. We believe that behind every poster there’s a worthwhile creative art and we want to pay tribute to all the artists, designers and anonymous creative individuals who make the streets a more interesting place to walk on.

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