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PORGiESOFT is on a mission to use AI to make everyday time-consuming tasks in fraud detection and education easier and faster, we’re building smart machines that can quickly carry out routine tasks and adapt in the process. We are a tech startup based in Cambridge, but we actively deploy our AI products across several countries. We were founded in 2018.
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To enable businesses to effortlessly detect and fight cyber fraud, we’ve built a powerful fraud detection machine learning platform SenseText™. Powered by our NLP Platform 2, SenseText.AI enables enterprise employees to be able to quickly run hundreds of automated checks on suspicious emails and text messages allowing them to carry out transactions with more confidence.

To modernise education in developing countries, we have invented the first EdTech AI Assistants – SAMANTHA ™ and Dr. JANE ™. Our EdTech AI Assistants run on Windows computers (and Android phones – coming soon) and are used by schools, colleges and universities across Africa. We aim to help teachers, lecturers and students become 21st-century conversant in terms of their use of technology.

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AI, EdTech, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning
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No funding announced yet
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