POCKiT diagnostics

POCKiT diagnostics
Business Name:
POCKiT diagnostics
Business Description:
We are developing an innovative, fully automated, blood test for stroke diagnosis. Our product will be composed of a non-expensive (~£1000) reader system, and disposable cartridges (~£100), with most of the revenues originating from sales of cartridges. Our business model is a B2B, with the main customers being public and private healthcare providers (e.g. NHS, health insurance companies). The end-users will be clinicians and paramedics that, on the ambulance, will take a blood sample from the stroke patients, will insert the blood sample into the disposable cartridge, and will finally insert the cartridge into the reader, receiving the diagnostic results 20 minutes later.
The market we are targeting is massive. ~20M people need stroke diagnosis every year, and this figure is meant to increase by 44% in the next 15 years (UK estimate), due to the ageing population.
Based in:
Blood, Diagnosis, Health
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