PocketConfidant AI

PocketConfidant AI
Business Name:
PocketConfidant AI
Business Description:
PocketConfidant: a technology to ask yourself the right questions. Built on research from the fields of positive psychology, psychology of learning, and linguistics to make personal growth, reflection, and change available to everyone, anywhere and at any time.
Long Business Description:

PocketConfidant AI is building a cutting-edge solution to democratize coaching at scale in large ecosystems: Enterprise and Education. PocketConfidant spans the domains of Learning & Development and Education Management with a conversational technology modeling coaching questioning techniques and behavioral insights. This technology is built to spark consciousness, augment awareness, foster behavioral changes and develop critical thinking, confidence, creativity and proactivity; future skills. PocketConfidant’s goal is to help people shift their perspective when needed and develop their mindset for success in their work, projects, relationships and in their life. The future is about self-adaptation and self-transformation, and technology has a role to play.

Based in:
AI, edtech, coaching, education
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