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Business Description
PlayTreks is an artificial intelligence driven music tool which provides full transparency to anybody who is keen to understand about the performance of songs & albums released on a large number of digital streaming platforms. With PlayTreks any artist, artist manager, media company, record label can SAVE big time on managing their music by replacing individual tools with ONE platform, PlayTreks!

Being a development of the Massence Music Group, we do know what the daily challenges are in making YOUR music visible in nowadays streaming jungle.
Long Business Description

MASSENCE started in April 2019. The reason we started MASSENCE is that we figured out the music industry was somewhat messy, and that there was (and is) a need for a company which can act with full transparency as well as driven by data, resulting in powerful marketing with the goal of establishing a strong brand, MASSENCE, which would reflect on the artists we work with.

PlayTreks believes in democratizing the industry. Allowing
individuals to take control over their own destiny, allowing them to understand what
is happening to their own music.
So how does the market we address look like? A large focus area of PlayTreks will be the so-called BEDROOM PRODUCERS. A bedroom producer is a musician who creates, performs, and records their music independently using a home studio, either as a profession or as a hobby.

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musictech, music, ai

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