Business Name:
Business Description: is a fascinating technology startup [Intelligent Markets S.A.], established in Athens, Greece(!). Our startup is built upon an amazing concept + a queue of dozens of new ideas in waiting mode + a weird mix of software scientists, designers and marketing professionals: a highly creative setup with a clear mission!

What is plantobuy? An intelligent shopping advisor offering instant online market research & social recommendation tools.

NO MORE JUNK OFFERS, NO MORE ANNOYING ADS! In contrast with the so common ‘junk offers’ phenomenon, enables highly personalized (even customized) offers, intelligent, targeted & interactive ads, and a continuous flow of social advice & ideas through the concept.

Any merchant around the globe will be able to target any consumer – via personalized, targeted offerings – provided that they both share a common selling/ purchasing interest and openness to communication at a certain point of time!
Based in:
Shopping Advisor, Social Recommendations, Market Research
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