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Planetiers is an online marketplace where everyone can easily access every sustainable and eco-friendly product, technology or service.
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In 1950 there was 2.5 billion people in this planet. Now, we're 7.6 billion on our way to reach almost 10 billion in 2050. This means that in 2017 we were already consuming 1.5 times the resources our planet provides us and in just a matter of 12 years we'll need the equivalent resources of two planets earth. When we put these numbers together with our global consuming patterns it's easy to notice that we're dealing with one of the biggest challenges human race has always faced - and we're already witnessing some of those environmental consequences.

We may have all the sustainable and ecological solutions available in the market, but if we don't reach to the general public, real positive change will never be possible. That's a challenge that every conscious company with conscious products face when going to market (very expensive) and one of the main obstacles for consumers to find and start buying sustainable alternatives for their day-by-day life. Specially in this modern Era where consumers demand instantaneous answers for their questions and problems. That's why online platforms and marketplaces such as Booking, Airbnb, Farfetch, Uber are having such a huge success. It's time to adapt these tools to an incredibly urgent market. Planetiers is an online marketplace for every sustainable and eco-friendly product, technology or service.

We have a team that is fully driven to create the platform that will be one of the main agents of global sustainable transformation in the market and society. Planetiers focus on the 5 main factors to achieve successful impact in this current digital world we're living in: - Products' quantity - Products' environmental and social impact - Branding & Marketing - User Experience.

To be the best we need to work with the best team and partners. We have a fantastic endorsement from the United Nations Regional Information Center, after being selected as one of the 17 top startups for the environment in the UN competition World Summit, and endorsement from Prof. Mohan Munasinghe - 2007 Nobel Peace laureate as vice-president of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Our marketing team is optimizing our digital communication too its full potential and our development team has different important skills in order to build not only a platform with all sustainable solutions, but with social network features, IOT, AI and interactive user experience that allow a better understanding and optimization of our resources consumption. As for B2C as for B2B.

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