Companies’ knowledge base already contains the answers to users’ questions in an aggregate form, Pigro retrieves answers automatically providing them through a chat. Pigro maximizes ROI on the content creation investment, in fact, can extract answers from every digital content in the knowledge base: user manuals, product sheets, internal documents, web contents and so on. Thanks to its proprietary Artificial Intelligence and its statistical approach Pigro has automated the chatbot building process speeding up setup time up to 10x. Pigro is a cloud turnkey solution for big enterprises, providing its service as a SaaS, it is cross-industry and multilanguage thanks to its statistical approach.
The pricing is made by an activation cost depending on language, platform (web, FB messenger, Telegram, etc..), integrations with company systems, knowledge base dimension, etc.., and an annual fee depending on unique users per year.
Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, Text Analysis, Customer Service, Helpdesk, and Virtual Assistant
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