Petel Tech

Petel Tech
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Petel Tech
Business Description:
We are building ARTES, an AI based upskilling platform for certification & personalization of learning / training. Focus on Employability. We have been around since 2013, mainly providing services to companies in the educational technology sector in Europe. Last year with the pandemic having such an impact, we decided to design and build our own platform called ARTES. We are self-funded so far.
Managed to recruit our first client despite the fact that our MVP version is 6 months away. Our roadmap consists of two main milestones: Initially release an MVP version of ARTES based on client’s content and certification and than expand into full offering of courses + certification based on licenses content.
Long Business Description:

ARTES is subject and language independent. We see opportunities in several sectors that depend on certification for the confirmation of skills and competences. We offer an opportunity for organizations that need to have evidence based training for their workforce. Thanks to our unique metadata methodology and our data harvesting tools, we are able to gather high granularity information regarding our users, analyse it and generate automated personalized learning and training paths, micro-certificates and qualification certificates.
Our business model is licensed based, our target clients are organizations providing certifiable training and individuals looking to build up their skills set in order to retain their current job or upskill for the sake of better job mobility.
Based on market research, some sectors in particular are going through a major shift towards digital training, certification and enhanced skills set as a result of the pandemic and organic changes to their industry: Healthcare, some manufacturing industries, financial services, etc. In particular we see a correlation between professions and some geographies in terms of demand for higher qualifications in areas that are short of trained people and lack of training facilities that can meet international standards.

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Upskilling, Educational Technology, AI, Personalized Training
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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