Perfect Memory

Perfect Memory
Business Name:
Perfect Memory
Business Description:
PERFECT MEMORY is a Software Publisher. We crafted a new generation of Digital Asset Management System, the DAM-as-a-Brain which is able to refine and execute cognitive processing on the content. Our D/MAM-as-a-Brain allows us to collect, interpret and transform any data and content into natively exploitable assets for operational teams and their ecosystems. We guarantee to each user quick, intuitive, and exhaustive access to data and contents, whatever their nature and origin. Evolutive and customizable, Raffiné™, our software platform, facilitates its set up in the closest way possible to business needs. All our customers noticed, on a daily basis, an actual acceleration of contents valorization cycles, an increase of their operational teams’ performances, and a consolidation of their data and contents Governance policy. We built our DAM-as-a-Brain to respond to new exploitation issues, modern Organizations meet nowadays.
Based in:
Software Publisher, ecosystems, software platform, digital assets
Total Funding:
Between €5 million-€10 million

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