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peaq is a blockchain development company based in Berlin, Germany. We develop next generation blockchain platforms and products together with some of the world’s largest and most forward thinking companies. Platform by platform we’re building the blockchain infrastructure for Industry 4.0.
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Our groundbreaking DAGchain technology is an entirely new blockchain/DAG hybrid built for and alongside the world’s largest companies. It’s the first blockchain technology to solve all business requirements simultaneously, with a focus on predictability and stability.

Our world class team of engineers and industry experts are brought together by a common vision for a blockchain enabled world and driven by a deep ambition to make the unthinkable our collective reality.

We build technology we believe in. We take on industry-defining challenges because we know we have the team and technology to go above and beyond what is expected. Every day we work towards a future in which systems are more secure and reliable, technology brings us closer and we can trust each other freely. Every day we build the future.

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Blockchain, Industry 4.0

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