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Pavnext has created an innovative road safety solution, based on a device to implement in the road pavement surface that harvests kinetic energy from vehicles, reducing autonomously their speed without any driver breaking action, and without inducing any impact to the vehicle or discomfort to its occupants. The harvested energy is then converted with very high efficiency into electric energy, which is stored and used to supply the road and crosswalks illumination, as well as other signalling devices near the road. The energy consumption is performed in an efficient way, since the energy harvesting devices work as sensors as well, allowing us to manage the energy consumption according to real needs.
We have a mixed business model, in which we sell and implement the product to infrastructure managers (as municipalities and motorway operators), and we licence a software tool through which they have access to the monitored data (traffic and energy), allowing them to receive alerts and to manage the energy consumption.
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Energy, Devices, Infrastructure
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