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PatchAi® is the first empathetic virtual assistant for patients in clinical trials that champions patient
engagement to revolutionize data collection through the adoption of Conversational Patient Reported Outcomes.PatchAi® is a stand-alone software that consists of a mobile App for patients and a web control panel for research sites and sponsors. App assists patients in completing study tasks, reporting clinical events and collecting data. Web platform allows clinicians and sponsors to monitor data on ePROs and patient engagement. The main feature of PatchAI® is the Virtual Assistant, which uses Machine Learning (ML) techniques to personalize and produce empathetic conversations to engage patients. Our AI platform is centered around personalized IBM Watson Assistant. Platform supports multiple languages and patient profiles. Our business model is a B2B custom SaaS, flexible and tailored on customer needs. The sales cycle corresponds to the duration of the clinical trial. Our clients (Pharmaceutical &Biotech companies, academic & research centres) pay all inclusive fee per month per patient over the course of the study (covering setup, licensing and maintenance services). We tailor the price based on the phase, duration and number of a patient of a trial.
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AI, app, clinic, health, virtual

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