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Panion is a keyword-searchable social app that connects people through common interests, values, and experiences.
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By adding keycharacters to their profile, users can find others in their neighborhood that share their interests or search for people based on a particular type of interest or platonic relationship (eg. a language exchange partner, gym buddy or co-founder). The Panion Community feature helps already established networks like organization, schools, and companies build and maintain their own communities by providing a keyword-searchable social platform for their members. Panion encourages people to put down their phones and connect in-person with people who appreciate what makes them who they are. By promoting inclusion and diversity, combating loneliness, and giving people a way to make money and feel valued based on their creativity, skills and knowledge, we can better integrate newcomers, combat discrimination and improve the overall mental health and well-being of our societies. (SDGs #3, 10, 11)

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