We help modern IT and finance teams gain company-wide visibility into software spend and utilization.
Our SaaS Management Platform give modern IT and finance teams the tools they need to discover, manage and optimise all SaaS spend and usage in one place.

Oveo.io is an intelligent SaaS platform that gives a complete, automated overview of all the company’s additional SaaS platforms. A lot of companies use endless SaaS programmes in their everyday work life in order to automate work processes, but still uses a simple Excel sheet to manually keep track of them all – including information on terms, payment, functionality, admin rights, activity among employees, and more. Oveo.io offers a smarter and automated alternative to this.

In other words, Oveo.io is a SaaS tool that helps companies manage all their other SaaS tools.

SaaS, Workflow, SaaS Management
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million

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